September 2016

  New Short U Vans


This series of Victorian Railways short steel 'U' louvre van has never before been offered in injection moulded form, either RTR or as a kit.  Two HO scale kit versions are available; R30T with a trapdoor at one and and R30P with no trapdoor.  

In addition, instructions are provided to allow either kit to be assembled with either of two different arrangements of brake equipment.  This allows the kits to be assembled as any representative from wagons 278 and 281-460 or 461 - 560.  

The detail under the dooways can also be adapted to represent a wagons condition at any time from the mid 1950s, when buffers were removed, up until withdrawal in the late 1970s.

Unpainted Short U with trapdoor at one end.

Underneath shot of Short U Van, applicable to wagons 461-560.

Underneath shot of Short U Van, applicable to wagons 278 and 281-460.

Finished model of kit R30P without trapdoor.

Finished model of kit R30T with trapdoor at one end.




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