Rolling Stock Kits

The standard range listed below is carried in stock.
Prices (incl. GST):-  as shown.

NOTE: The Kits for the L sheep wagon, GY open wagon, IZ/RY open wagon, QR bogie open wagon and the etched kits include etched brass detail parts such as brake gear and shunters steps in the kit.

Etched detailing parts are available separately for those other kits that do not include them and are listed on the Detail Parts page.

The photos of all the kits below show assembled and painted models that have been fitted with etched brakegear, shunters steps and couplers that are not included in the standard kit.

Kits with ** after the price require kitbashing skills.

Etched brass kits require soldering skills.

HO Scale Victorian Railways 4 Wheel Wagon Kits

R1E/R1L GY Open Wagon
- includes etched parts.

R2 I/IA Open Wagon

R3 IY Open Wagon

R4WR4W U Louvre Van, 16 tonWheel Handbrake

R4ER4E U Louvre Van, 16 ton Original Lever Handbrake
R4LR4L U Louvre Van, 16 ton Modified Lever Handbrake



R7 M Cattle Wagon

R8 B Closed Van

R9DR9D UB Van with Diamond Frame Bogies - $A30.00

R9BR9B UB Van with Bar Frame Bogies - $A30.00

R9CR9C UB Van with Cast Steel Bogies - $A30.00
R10R10 UP Van - $A30.00


R18 Z 6 Wheel Guards Van $A34.00

R24 I/IA Open Wagon,
"Tommy Bent" - $A17.50

R22 U/HD Wooden Louvre
- $A17.50

R23 P Explosives Van

R26 L Sheep Wagon
- includes etched details.

RE1 WT Water Tank 
Etched brass kit

R28 IZ/RY Open Wagons
Combo kit with 2 versions
$A 3
- includes etched details.


R29W Welded IZ/RY Open Wagon Wheel Handbrake $A20.50


R29E Welded IZ Open Wagon Lever Handbrake

$A 20.50


R29L Welded RY Open Wagon Lever Handbrake


R30P Short steel U van without trapdoor

R30T Short steel U van
with trapdoor

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HO Scale Victorian Railways Bogie Wagon Kits

R19 V/Line VHGF Wheat Hopper

R25 Freight Australia VHGF
Wheat Hopper
- $A27.00
R13 FQX/VQCX Container Wagon

R14 SFX/VFLX Bulkhead Flat Wagon

R27 QR Bogie Open Wagon
choice of bogies - $A30.00
- includes etched details.
QB well wagon
RE2S/RE2R QB Bogie Well Wagon

Etched brass kit
Choice of bogies - $A80.00

RE3A/B FP Bogie Horse Box
Choice of versions,
7/10FP or 12/13FP, with LP gas fittings,

RE3C/D FP Bogie Horse Box
Choice of versions, 7/10FP or 12/13FP, with Pintsch gas fittings,

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HO Scale Victorian Railways Passenger Carriage Kits

R15 AW First Class Passenger Car
R16 BW Second Class Passenger Car
R20 AE First Class Passenger Car
R21 BE Second Class Passenger Car

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