The standard range listed below is carried in stock.
Prices (incl. GST):-  Per pair, with RP25 code 99 wheelsets, as shown.

For bulk and special orders, contact Steam Era Models for a quotation.

HO Scale Victorian Railways Bogies

B1 VR 40 ton Cast Steel,
square axlebox lid
Disc or spoke wheels

B2 VR 40 ton ride control,
Disc or spoke wheels

B3 VR Bar Frame, Disc or spoke wheels

B4 VR Plate Frame

B5 VR W car

B6 VR TT30

B7 VR XSC silver spring 

B8 VR XSC black spring 
disc or spoke wheels

B9 SAR/AN ABXC roller bearing,

rotating bearing caps

B10 VR E car (6 wheel)

B11 VR diamond frame 

B12 VR J class tender bogies

B13 VR Narrow Gauge Fox Bogies, 1:48 scale



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