The standard range listed below is carried in stock.
Prices (incl. GST):-  Per pair, with RP25 code 99 wheelsets, as shown.

For bulk and special orders, contact Steam Era Models for a quotation.


HO Scale Victorian Railways Bogies

B1 VR 40 ton Cast Steel,
square axlebox lid
Disc or spoke wheels - $A17.00

B2 VR 40 ton ride control,
Disc or spoke wheels - $A17.00

B3 VR Bar Frame, Disc or spoke wheels - $A17.00

B4 VR Plate Frame

B5 VR W car

B6 VR TT30

B7 VR XSC silver spring 

B8 VR XSC black spring 
disc or spoke wheels - $A17.00

B9 SAR/AN ABXC roller bearing,

rotating bearing caps- $A18.00

B10 VR E car (6 wheel)

B11 VR diamond frame  $A17.00

B12 VR J class tender bogies

B13 VR Narrow Gauge Fox Bogies, 1:48 scale $A17.00



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