Black Beetle Drive Bogies and Black Bug Drive Units.

The Black Beetle is a four wheel, completely self contained power bogie with its own electrical pickups. It is relatively lightly constructed, with 2mm diameter axles and is intended for use in model railmotors hauling one or two trailers or multiple units. The weight on the centre pivot should not exceed about 100g (~3.5oz.). For locomotive applications the use of two Black Beetles is recommended.

The Black Bug is a single axle drive unit for rail tractors, small rail cars and similar light self propelled vehicles. They are assembled from the same range of motors, gearboxes and wheels as the Black Beetle range. They are available with either a 15:1 or a 27:1 gear ratio, but do not have electrical pickups fitted.

        Download the Specification Sheet for the Black Beetle and Black Bug. (640k file in .pdf format. Requires Acrobat Reader to open.)


Shown below are typical examples of the possible range of Black Beetle Bogies.
NOTE - all Black Beetles are now fitted with flush axles, not the pinpoint axles shown in some of the photographs below.

28mm wheelbase with 10.5mm wheels
-suits HO V/Line Sprinter, SAR Redhen, 
SAR Bluebird or NSWR Explorer railcars

29.75mm wheelbase with 12.25mm wheels 
- suits HO VR DERM, Y class or E class 
locomotives and Tait/Dogbox EMU's

30mm wheelbase with 10.5mm wheels 
- suits HO CR Budd Diesel Railcar 
or  VR/NSWR Tulloch DRC

34mm wheelbase with 12mm wheels
-suits various 4mm scale BR DMU's

38mm wheelbase with 14mm wheels
- suits 1:48 scale PCC trolley car

40mm wheelbase with 14mm wheels
- suits 4mm scale BR diesels, eg Hymek

Black Bug Drive Unit 
- shown without wheels, with choice of 
15:1 or as shown, 27:1 gearing  

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